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The groundbreaking technology behind Emsculpt® is about sculpting and toning your muscles for superior body-shaping benefits, rather than just burning away fat. At Perri Skin Care in Sewell, New Jersey, Louis Perri, MD, provides personalized Emsculpt treatment packages so you can achieve the body of your dreams. Learn more about Emsculpt by scheduling a consultation online or call the office today.

EMSculpt Q&A

How does Emsculpt work?

Emsculpt involves using noninvasive high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to tone and sculpt your body. During Emsculpt treatments, the handheld applicator delivers powerful energy waves through your skin, deep into muscle tissue.


This forces rapid muscle contractions to begin, where your muscles remodel and rebuild from their innermost structures. As a result, muscles start building up and strengthening so you experience a more defined treatment area without pain, surgery, or an extensive recovery period. On average, Emsculpt treatment packages result in a 16% increase in muscle mass.



Which areas can be treated with Emsculpt?

Emsculpt is beneficial for targeting problem areas on both men and women. This state-of-the-art body contouring platform is designed to:


  • Tone and strengthen your abdomen
  • Lift and define your buttocks
  • Contour your midsection


At Perri Skin Care, your entire Emsculpt treatment package is personalized to you. Even though Emsculpt isn’t invasive or painful, it’s known for making you feel like you’re going through an intensive muscle-building workout. But all you have to do is lie back and relax during your Emsculpt sessions.

Do I need more than one Emsculpt session?

Yes. For optimal results, Dr. Perri often recommends a series of several Emsculpt sessions. Emsculpt packages commonly include a minimum of four visits, each spaced about two to three days apart.


Once you achieve your optimal Emsculpt results at Perri Skin Care, Dr. Perri may suggest coming back into the clinic once or twice a year for maintenance sessions. This helps ensure your superior Emsculpt results last as long as possible.

When will I have results with Emsculpt?

Since Emsculpt makes your muscles contract on the spot, you should notice a tightening sensation as soon as your session is over. In most cases, you start experiencing more toned and defined muscles within about two to four weeks after your very first Emsculpt session at Perri Skin Care. Muscles can even continue building up week after week.


Find out if Emsculpt is right for you by booking a consultation online or calling Perri Skin Care today.

Individual results may vary.