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Our Medical Grade Products

In addition to providing dermatological services, at Perri Skin Care/Surgical Specialties we also carry a variety of skin-care products. Outside of our practice, patients are often overwhelmed by the sheer amount of products to choose from. That is why we carry only the best products chosen based on medical and cosmetic criteria.

Our products include specially formulated cleansers, sunscreens, moisturizers, repair creams and more. If you have sensitive skin or other special needs related to your treatment, our providers are happy to give recommendations for specific products. If you require a product that we don't carry, we will be glad to order that product for you.
Contact us to learn more about our quality line of skin-care products.







Age Defying Night Cream                                         

A night cream with time-released Vit E, Red Tea Flavonoids, Glycolic Acid and a combination of Peptides to synergistically deliver powerful antioxidant protection and anti-aging benefits.


Anti-Aging Serum                                                            

An anti-aging serum with time-released, high concentrations of stabilized Vitamin C and Vitamin E combined with Red Tea Flavonoids to deliver powerful antioxidant protection and help    reduce visible signs of premature aging.


Aquanil Cleanser 

A gentle, soap-less, lipid free cleanser that hydrates skin as it cleans.


Acne Self-Foaming Cleanser 

A cleanser with a non-irritating formula that contains Salicylic Acid to treat acne. Can also be used for a masque-like effect and as a shaving cream. (great for face and body)


Clarifying Cream (Rx) 

A night formulated product using Hydroquinone (4%) to help lighten Dark patches on the skin.


DML Lotion 

A non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, fragrance free, fast absorbing lotion for daily use.


Elta MD Tinted Moisturizing Facial Sunscreen  

A lightweight, tinted, and moisturizing sunscreen (SPF 40) for normal to combination and post procedure skin.


Enhance Brightening Complex  

A moisturizing cream that helps to brighten the skin for a more even and radiant tone.


High Protection Tinted Compact SPF 50 

100% Mineral sunscreen, enriched with powerful antioxidant, provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Available in beige or honey.


Hydrance Optimale RICH Hydrating Cream        

Rich, creamy moisturizer provides long-lasting hydration & helps dry skin restore its hydrolipidic barrier & maintain its moisture balance.


Lytera Skin Brightening Complex                          

Our most popular product that corrects and helps prevent hyperpigmentation to promote a radiant, more even complexion.


Mini Peel Gel                                                                      

An at-home peel, formulated with Free Glycolic Acid and suitable for all skin types, that offers effective skin exfoliation for a smoother, younger looking complexion.


Night Renewal Cream 

A nighttime cream formulated with Free Glycolic Acid & Retinaldehyde to help clarify, smooth and firm skin.


Retrinal 0.1 Intesive Cream 

Clinically proven intensive treatment that visibly corrects the signs of wrinkles while brightening and rejuvenating the skin


Sebasorb Gel 

A special gel formula that absorbs excess oil to eliminate shine for a clear and natural look. This gel is slightly tinted but dries clear. May be used throughout the day.


SolBar Zinc SPF 38 

An elegant, lightweight, moisturizing sunscreen for year round protection. 


SunVanish with SPF 25 (Rx) 

A daytime cream formulated with Hydroquinone (4%) to help lighten dark patches on the skin.


TriXéra+ Sélectiose Emollient Balm 

An ultra-rich daily moisturizer that prevents moisture loss and restores the skin’s natural barrier and nourishes severely dry skin. (great for face and body)




Back Acne Spray                                                               

An easy to use spray that utilizes the exfoliating qualities of Salicylic Acid to help remove dead surface skin cells and help reduce acne bacteria.


Exfoliating Body  Wash                                             

A retexturizing body wash formulated with high levels of Free Glycolic Acid to exfoliate rough, dry skin while helping to minimize red bumps and reveal softer, smoother looking skin.


Exfoliating Body Lotion                                             

An effective body lotion that uses high levels of Free Glycolic Acid to soften dry skin while helping to loosen and remove dead skin cells.


TriXéra+ Sélectiose Emollient Balm 

An ultra-rich daily moisturizer that prevents moisture loss and restores the skin’s natural barrier and nourishes severely dry skin. (great for face and body)


Ultra Heel & Elbow Cream $54

A rich cream that retexturizes, softens and smoothens dry, rough heels and elbows.




Age Defying Eye Cream     

A unique, synergistic combination of Caffeine Extract, Licorice Extract, Red Tea Flavonoids and Glycolic Acid to help de-puff, tighten and brighten the eye area while delivering powerful anti-oxidant protection.

Latisse 3mL (Rx) 

The first and only FDA approved treatment that promotes long, thicker, and darker eyelashes.


Retrinal EYES 

Visibly reduces the appearance of deep lines, puffiness and dark circles around the sensitive, delicate eye contour area.



Derma Nail 

A patent alpha acetoxyacid solution to help prevent brittle nails, chipping and other cosmetic problems of the nail.


Clinical Products


Excessive Sweating

Drysol Antiperspirant (Rx)    

A maximum strength solution for severe hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) that works on the toughest cases for whom OTC antiperspirants do not work.


Psoriasis/ Eczema Care

Cutar Emulsion                       

A steroid-free alternative to help stop itching, redness and scaling. Can be used as a medicated lotion or mixed with water for therapeutic soaks.


Reduce Bruising & Swelling

Arnica Montana 30X       

Homeopathic tablets to relief bruising, swelling and pain associated with soft tissue trauma (i.e. minor procedures and cosmetic injections).


Scalp Care

DHS Tar Gel Shampoo 

This medication is used on the hair/scalp to treat dandruff and other scaly, itchy skin conditions.


Scar Care

Silicone Sheeting  

Scar Fx Silicone sheeting has a tacky side that gently contours to your scar. It has been medically proven effective on both recent and aged scars to improve the appearance of your scar


All these products have been researched and/or tested by our staff.  Please ask if there are any questions about these products you may be interested in. Delivery is available.


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