Interested in freezing your age away?

The newest installment in celebrity trends....the CryoGlo Facial, also known as "Frotox".
Whether you are doing it before an event or just because, our CryoGlo Facial will benefit your skin and give you a nice healthy glow.
Here's How It Works:
Your Esthetician (Tina) will cleanse and exfoliate your skin, apply an antioxidant serum and using a cryotherapy wand, will circulate liquid nitrogen to hyper-cool the skin over the face, neck and decollete area.
Benefits Include:
Skin rejuvenation
Soothes inflammation to tighten pores
Increases skins collagen and promotes natural glow
Restores firmness
Improves texture and tone
And can even treat certain skin conditions
So if a fresh glowing complexion is your thing,  the CryoGlo is for you!

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